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The Wisest Skincare Product on the Market: Skin Owl

It’s that time of year… when the wind, cold weather and lack of Vitamin D can take such a toll on your skin. From head to toe, SkinOwl is one of my favorite skincare lines on the market. It is completely organic, uses ingredients that offer a therapeutic effect, including those that induce relaxation, absorbs faster then creams, and can even be applied to the scalp and cuticles.

Here are my personal favorites; I like to alternate between oils depending on the dryness/oil of the skin and time of year. I carry each of these at the studio.

Mangosteen Oil Beauty Drops: This is great for all skin types but works wonders on stressed, aging, dry skin. It also smells wonderful! 

Lavender Beauty Drops: This is truly amazing for hydrating oily skin. I have so many clients who rave about its affects – many people that have adult acne make the mistake of using harsh retinols to clear skin, but this just creates unwanted dryness. The lavender oil will calm oil glands, help redness and hydrate.
Geranium Beauty Drops: A dream for combination skin and it can be used day/night. I love to add this oil to foundation, cream blush and cream bronzer. It really creates that healthy glow!
Clary Sage Beauty Drops: For mature and dry skin, this is versatile for night and day moisturizing. The skin absorbs it particularly quickly and it really plumps dry skin.
Body Oil: This is simply the best! It is fragrance free and perfect for dry arms and legs; it is also great post bikini wax or during a back massage. It absorbs faster than any other body oil or cream. I simply apply a few pumps on damp skin after a shower or bath and then buff dry with towel. I can’t keep enough of this in stock in the studio.
Neck Oil: You see RESULTS! Really. Nothing can truly tighten the skin on the neck but this amazing gel oil will smooth dry skin and wrinkles. I’ve tried more expensive neck creams that can’t even compare with this. 
Eye Cream:  This one is more of a tightening gel. I love to refrigerate it, and apply it under eyes, after makeup, for a smooth, de-puffer. It is also great for gentleman. 


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