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We are so thrilled to see that Alex &  Doug’s gorgeous Spring wedding on Cape Cod was chosen as one of Borrowed & Blue’s Best Of 2016! Titled “Most Romantic Wedding” of the group, click here to view more.



Boston Magazine – The Beauty Booster

Problem skin, sparse brows, and lackluster lips are no match for Katrina Hess, who helps every bride look positively radiant.


On your wedding day, all eyes (and camera lenses) will be trained on you. It’s sought-after makeup pro Katrina Hess’s job to make sure you look flawless from every angle. “It’s the day a woman shines,” says Hess, who’s been dolling up brides for 20 years. But it doesn’t all happen in one appointment. Hess likes to see clients for two consultations in her Newbury Street studio to advise them on a skin-care regimen and get a sense of their individual style before the walk down the aisle (she’s even Skyped with brides who were abroad). In other words, she’s the person you want in your corner when the flashes start popping.

What happens after a bride books you for her wedding?
I offer two consultations in my wedding package. I do the first pretty quickly, but wait until closer to the wedding day for the second one, to see if there are any skin-care changes, and to incorporate seasonal palettes.

So what do you address in the first consultation?
Most women aren’t using enough skin-care products, or they’re not using the right ones. My clients generally have good skin, but those who have troubled skin need to consult with a dermatologist. The two key elements in a skin-care regimen are a cleanser that’s not dehydrating, and a product with lactic acid that purifies and shrinks the pores, while also moisturizing the skin.Once you find a regimen that works for you, you have to maintain it—six months to one year from the wedding, depending on the severity of the skin issues. But what’s really important for skin six months out is the sun: Tan lines can last for a year, and in my opinion that’s the most unappealing look. They just don’t do anything for a $20,000 Carolina Herrera gown.

Do brides normally know what look they want before meeting with you?
It’s 50/50. Some women are really specific and know exactly what they want. Others wear makeup, but aren’t sure what would look best on them—they’re more dependent on me. I’ve had a few girls who want a Kardashian look, but they don’t realize how much makeup is actually on. So once I do the consultation they realize it’s too heavy.

How do the seasons affect wedding makeup?
Color is seasonal. Summer weddings often call for a fresh, tan, beachy look; in the fall we’re getting more women who want a big, smoky plum eye. The venue, time of day, and season play a large role. I wouldn’t do a heavy, matte-charcoal, smoky look for a Chatham Bars Inn wedding in the middle of July.

Is it okay to try makeup trends on the big day?
The red-carpet look is great for the rehearsal dinner. That’s the night you step out with a hot pink or deep red lip. That said, you certainly want to add some glamour to the wedding night as well. My approach is to have a more-natural, nude look for the ceremony, which is often outdoors, and then after twilight, switch over to a deeper, brighter, glossier lip. It really changes your look in photographs. You can get freshened up, have a cocktail, and return to the reception, and that’s when you let your hair down and party.

What makeup looks are on the horizon?
The trend for spring is a really romantic look—tiaras and hair accessories are back. My approach is going to be very soft, subtle, and smoky. Red is the color for spring and summer lips—like you just ate a cherry popsicle. It makes the cheeks look whiter and the smile brighter.

Which parts of the face should a bride play up for photos?
Generally, it’s the eyes and lips. In New England, my clients often don’t wear lipstick every day; they just wear ChapStick. I like to get them on a regimen of exfoliating the lips. The lips are one of the most dehydrated areas of the body, and dry, cracked lips are more unappealing than tan lines. So I start them with oils and scrubs. The lip changes the whole look.
As far as eyes go, extended lashes are too damaging to the actual lashes. I’ve been experimenting with velour mink lashes, which are completely organic. They’re lightweight and lush. I fill in lashes with those, whether a bride is going for a nude eye or smoky eye. Mascara can look clumpy in photos.

Do you ever see grooms for consultations?
On rare occasions, I’ve seen men for eyebrow shaping and skin care—maybe a little day-of brow shaping, sometimes a little bronzer. But I always have brides who say, “I wish I could get my fiancé in here.”

What should a bride carry in her clutch for the reception?
Generally, just blotting papers and evening lip color. Only minimal touchups are necessary—maybe a pressed powder depending on humidity.

Katrina Hess’s secret weapons will keep you photo-ready all day long.

Eye-shadow primer: Claudio Riaz is great for all skin types. It creates a smooth canvas and keeps shadow from fading or creasing. It makes blending a dream.
Eyeliner: Start with a stay-put pencil such as Hourglass’s “Obsidian,” and then apply liquid liner. Layering is the key! Finish with Tom Ford’s “Eye Defining Pen.”
Blotting papers: Tap, don’t rub, to mop up oil and shine. They’re good for the groom, too.
Lip exfoliator: Smooth dry lips with Sara Happ’s scrub. It makes lips fuller and will hold every- thing from the lightest lip color to a matte stain.
Mink lashes:
You get lush lashes without clumps or running mascara.

Setting powder:
I love Laura Mercier’s translucent loose powder to set undereye concealer, blush, and lip color.



Best of Boston Magazine CoverBest of Boston 2014

Best Wedding Makeup Artist
This makeup pro has been primping brides from the Back Bay to Bermuda for more than 20 years. During a consultation at her lofty Newbury Street studio, Hess will school you in skin maintenance and eyebrow shaping, and on the big day, she’ll travel to your venue to give you an absolutely flawless look. She’ll even stay through the night to make sure it lasts through the happy tears and cake smears.


Boston Weddings

Boston WeddingsFresh Face Forward
On your big day, there will be videotaping, Instagramming, and Facebook updating galore—no pressure, right? Here, award-winning makeup artist Katrina Hess shares a few of the products she uses to keep brides looking polished for the ceremony, party, and beyond.

Boston Weddings
Photographs by Scott M. Lacey, Styling by Rowena Day/Ennis

1. Shiseido Eyelash Curler

Fuller, defined lashes open up the eyes and awaken the face. Hess says this curler—which doesn’t pinch or lose its grip—is great for all eye shapes. $19, Sephora.

2. Bobbi Brown Blush

Rouge always ups the glam factor. Hess likes to dust a light shade like “Nude Pink” on paler skin tones, and a warm hue like “Tawny” on darker complexions. $25 each, Nordstrom.

3. Fresh Twilight Freshface Glow

Hess mixes this sheer illuminating cream with an oil-free foundation to give brides a radiant complexion. $36, Fresh.

4. Hourglass Lipsticks

“Wear a natural lip shade for the ceremony and pictures, and then beef it up after twilight to a deeper, glossier shade,” Hess says. Femme Rouge Velvet Crème Lipstick in “Peace,” $30, and Opaque Rouge Liquid Lipstick in “Edition,” $28, both Sephora.

5. Damone Roberts Tweezers

Hess recommends growing out brows for up to a year before the wedding, then using tweezers like these to achieve the perfect arch and thickness just before show time. $28, Katrina Hess.

6. Lancôme Définicils Waterproof High Definition Mascara

Untwist a fresh tube of long-lasting mascara to avoid clumped, flaky fringe on your wedding day. Hess suggests this waterproof variety from Lancôme. $27, Bloomingdale’s.

7. Nars Eye Shadows

Layer shadows from light to dark for romantic eyes. Hess applies Nars “D. Gorgeous” as a base, sweeps “Ashesto Ashes” across the crease, and then blends in “Bali” with a domed brush for contour. $24 each, Sephora.

8. Hourglass Double-Ended Brush

This soft applicator “effortlessly blends foundation, blush, or concealer,” Hess says. Prone to breakouts? Use a clean brush for each item you apply. $68, Sephora.


Boston Magazine

Boston MagazineShades of Grape: Eight Great Wine-Color Lipsticks
It’s been a  banner year for wine-hued lips. Designers like VeraWang and Zac Posen sent models strutting down fall runways in rich,warm hues of burgundy, bordeaux, and merlot—a more-subdued spin on the usual bright-red puckers. “It’s versatile and generally works for all skin tones,” makeup artist Katrina Hess says of the trend. Start with exfoliated lips and lean in with the blotting papers to achieve a matte, stained look; an ultra-glossy wine kisser can veer into garish territory, Hess says. Beauty bonus: The blue undertones in many of these tints make teeth appear whiter for a bright—altogether intoxicating—smile.

Boston Magazine
Photograph by Joyce Lee
Bobbi Brown
Rich lip color in “Crimson,” $25, Neiman Marcus.

Rouge Allure Luminous Intense lip color in “Envoûtante,” $34, Chanel.

Diego Dalla Palma
Rossorossetto lipstick in “101,” $34, Katrina Hess.

Sheer lipstick in “Fast Ride,” $26, Barneys New York.

Marc Jacobs Beauty
Lovemarc lip gel in “Seduce Me,” $30, Sephora.

Mineralize Rich lipstick in “All Out Gorgeous,” $22, M.A.C.

Rouge Shine lipstick in “Soul Mate,” $12, Sephora.

Full-Finish lipstick in “Oh Currant,” $18, Benefit.


CosmopolitanKatrina was featured in the “Beauty Cheat Sheet” section. Cosmopolitan

Brides Boston

Brides BostonBrides Boston“The editorial staff of Brides Boston would like to officially recognize the amazing, forward-thinking, art-creating, call-returning, trend-makind wedding vendors who inspire and delight us every time we craft an issue of our magazine. And, most importantly, we would like to share this winning list with our readers – its a great place to start assembling your dream team.”

Grace Ormonde Wedding Style New England

The Best of the Best

The Best of the Best“While the wedding day is all about the bride, Katrina Hess knows that it is almost as important that the bridesmaids and mothers have their makeup done professionally, too. Located in Boston, Mass., Hess suggests hiring your makeup artist as soon as you get engaged. “Working with the artist for other events leading up to the wedding, such as the engagement party and photos” is good practice. And by the time your trial rolls around, you can focus on referencing “current skintone, hair color and seasonal makeup palettes.” After creating a beautiful foundation, Hess likes to intensify a bride’s makeup throughout the day. “I like to use a more natural lip color for the ceremony and pictures then change to a darker/brighter tone for the party. I can also smoke out the eyes with eyeliner in seconds to add drama for the evening.” One of Hess’s favorite tips is to “touch up the lips during the event to keep the look staying put in every picture.””

Photo Credit (left): Genevieve de Manio Photography

The Best of the Best

The Best of the Best

Katrina was the only one listed for brows in Boston in Allure’s “The Best of the Best” directory, alongside text of “Perfects strong brows”. Those included in the directory were called “Beauty’s brighest stars from Madison Avenue to Melrose Place”.

(Allure, October 2009)

Fashion Boston


“It’d be nice if you could rely purely on the joy of your wedding day to provide you with a fresh, effortless flush, but brides across Boston know that for a guaranteed glow, you go to Katrina Hess. And she doesn’t just do weddings: The master makeup artist blends her expert knowledge of products lines like Bobbi Brown, Chanel, and Shiseido together to create the perfect palette for your face. She’s also a whiz with brows (she tweezes exclusively) and dispenses tips and advice on regular skin upkeep – so you look like you’re ready for the big day every day.”

(Fashion Boston, April 2009)

The Best and the Brightest

AllureKatrina was the only one listed for brows in Boston, in Allure’s “The Best and the Brightest” directory, alongside text of “Keeps strong brows intact and in line”.

(Allure, October 2008)

Channel 5’s Chronicle

Beauty Blunders


Fast Fix
Dab any untanned areas with foundation, and top with a deep bronzing powder to blend the color with the rest of your body (try Laura Mercier Pressed Powder, $32). Later on, when you take a shower, gently loofah your bod to minimize splotchy sections, suggests Katrina Hess, a makeup artist in Boston.

Your fake lashes are superlong – but sadly, not superstrong. A few hours into the night, you notice that your fringe is starting to fall off. “If you skimped on the glue or didnt attach the lashes firmly enough, it’s easy for this to happen,” says Hess.

(Cosmopolitan, April 2007)

Voted Best Of Boston 2005

Best Of Boston 2005Makeup savant Katrina Hess gives brides a glow so natural they seem lit from within. We’d guess it was magic but Hess will also provide tips to help you re-create the look at home. And she doesn’t tout just one particular line: She blends high-quality products such as Chanel, Laura Mercier, and Shu Uemura to find what works best with your coloring and skin type.

(Boston Magazine, Best of Boston Issue; August 2005)

Voted Best Of Boston 2004

Best Of Boston 2004Katrina Hess treats the face as a blank canvas and with her expert brushwork, transforms it into a work of art. Eyes become luminescent as the moon, skin shimmers like just-fallen snow, and cheeks take on a rosy hue. Best of all, Hess starts off the application with skin-smoothing massages, scrubs, and exfoliation treatments that rival those of even the best aestheticians in town.

(Boston Magazine, Best of Boston Issue; August 2004)

Voted Best Of Boston 2003

Best Of Boston 2003Katrina Hess treats the face as a blank canvas and with her expert brushwork, transforms it into a work of art. Eyes become luminescent as the moon, skin shimmers like just-fallen snow, and cheeks take on a rosy hue. Best of all, Hess starts off the application with skin-smoothing massages, scrubs, and exfoliation treatments that rival those of even the best aestheticians in town.
(Boston Magazine, Best of Boston Issue; August 2004)

Bridal Beauty Experts

Bride, (Allure Magazine)Hess is as thorough with her consultation as she is meticulous with her brushes.

(Bride, (Allure Magazine); 2006 Issue)

Bridal Fashion

Grace Ormonde

Click on images to enlarge

(Grace Ormonde, Marriage; 2006)

Home Advantage

Boston Magazine, Best High Schools IssueDoorstop delivery for
everything you desire.
By Doug Roberts

(excerpt from article)
These days you can get some serious pampering without even leaving home. As more chefs, masseurs, yoga instructors, and all-around lifestyle improvers are available to set up shop in your living room, the idea of staying holed up suddenly seems quite cozy.

Who delivers: Katrina Hess, makeup artist, 781-710-6865,

The details: Makeup sessions go for $100, but to best glean Hess’ expert application tips and tricks, book a “how to” lesson with your session for $150.

• Visit Applications and Lessons to learn more!

(Boston Magazine, Best High Schools Issue; September 2004)

Change of Face

Boston Magazine

Spring is in the air,
Brush up on the latest looks for the season.

By Kari Molvar

No other natural occurance is more anticipated than the return of spring. The city finally sheds its frosty winter coating in exchange for a rosier outlook. Let your skin and makeup reflect the renewed sense of beauty, says Katrina Hess, Katrina Hesspersonal makeup artist to some of the freshest faces in this town. Her tips:

1) Add surface appeal. Skin should be smooth and flawless without a trace of imperfection. Unfortunately, no one actuall has this type of skin. The solution is to create the impression of perfection with primers and foundations expertly matched to your skin type and tone. (“Use the skin color of your decolletage as a guide,” Hess says.)

2) Kiss lip-liners goodbye. This season the attention is on nude lips with only a simple stain of color and gloss. Hess prefers peach, rose, and beige hues, all of which allow the natural color of your lips to peek out from underneath. Ragged, chapped kissers will need to be exfoliated first (“Dermalogica Skin Prep Scrup works wonders,” says Hess), then bathed in an intense hydrating treatment, such as Dermalogica Multivitamin Powder Firm.

3) Let the eyes have it. Hess sweeps neutral colors across the lids, then adds contour by lining the inside rims with a pencil in lavender, brown, green, or deep blue. Lashes are a throwback to the glamour era-sexy and intense. Get there by curling the ends and the brushing on Shiseido Distinguish Mascara.

4) Ease off the tweezers. Brows should be tailored, but not over-tweezed. If you sport bushy hedges, pluck only the errant hairs underneath the hairline. Scraggly types can fill in their gaps with a brow pencil. “This season the emphasis is on natural shapes, especially for brows, eyes, and lips,” Hess says. “It’s all about showing off your best features.” Beautifully said.

(Boston Magazine; March 2004)

Saving The Big Day

Elegant Wedding, (Boston Magazine)Being one of Boston’s most trusted bridal makeup artists, Katrina Hess knows how to pre-empt nearly every cosmetic catastrophe in the book. Here are her top five tips for flawless Big Day beauty.

“Start with a really good primer before foundation and eye makeup,” she says. It reflects light, prevents natural-looking creasing and holds everything on evenly.

When searching for the perfect foundation color, check it against your decolletage. “If it doesn’t (match), you’ll look pasty,” she says.

Keep shine to a minimum with powder-blotting rice papers. They are a far better option than powder, which Hess says causes makeup to separate and darken.

Eye drops are key. “As the (evening) goes on, you’re bound to get red eyes,” says Hess. “This keeps you looking terrific.”

To avoid lipstick on teeth, first exfoliate and condition the lips, then use a pencil or stain. Set it with a light powder, then add light gloss with a brush for shine and moisture.

“That will last you through all the kissing and champagne,” says Hess.

(Elegant Wedding, (Boston Magazine); Spring/Summer 2004)

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