Fall Weddings in Boston | Elise & Kevin at the Boston Harbor Hotel

I love weddings in Boston in the fall–and particularly ones held at the elegant Boston Harbor Hotel. Elise and Kevin chose October 18th to get married, and I was delighted to be selected to do the bride and bridal party’s makeup for Elise’s big day. Of course, I wasn’t surprised when Elise told me Person + Killian would be doing her photography; just look at the beautiful photos below.

The wedding began with a full mass at St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Charlestown, MA. After the ceremony, formal photos were taken in the Boston Public Garden, which was the perfect location to show off Elise’s gorgeous dress, makeup, and the fabulous fall weather. The celebration continued with cocktails and dinner and dancing at the Boston Harbor Hotel late into the night.

WeddingFallRecentKatrinaHess 2

Elise and her family did such a great job creating the ivory and yellow centerpieces with vines and candles, and their wedding cake featuring two furry canine friends on top was adorable while still being elegant. Congratulations again, Elise and Kevin!


We’re moving into winter now, so the fall wedding season has come to a close at last. However, there are plenty of stunning wedding looks just perfect for these sparkling winter months. Make sure to ask me about my latest 2014 Winter Pocket Makeup Guide next time you’re in for an appointment at my Katrina Hess Newbury Street Makeup Studio here in Boston.

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The Holiday Season Is Here, and KOBO Candles Make The Perfect Gift

I never thought I’d be in the candle business. But I’ve gotten so many compliments from my clients on the candles that I burn in my studio that I wanted to write a blog about KOBO Candles.

The holidays are almost here, and along with the turkey and stuffing and Christmas trees comes the need for the perfect present. KOBO Candles, available in 50 dazzling scents, are perfect for bridal party gifts or holiday gift-giving. Made in upstate New York, these candles burn for 60 hours and are smoke-free and burn clean, so you don’t have to worry about fire alarms going off in your home.

Kobo Candles Mango

KOBO Candles are made of 100% pure domestically grown, sustainable soybeans. There are nine luxurious collections available featuring candles ranging in price from $28.00 to $45.00, each beautifully wrapped. My favorite is a sexy scent from KOBO’s Woodblock collection called Modena Leather featuring… you guessed it, leather. Vetiver and Shaved Vanilla from the Coterie collection is a close second, with hints of amber and gorgeous black and white packaging.

Kobo Candles

I decided to make the line available in my Boston Katrina Hess Makeup Studio, so next time you’re in, stock up!

EXPERT TIP: Looking for a container to store your makeup? Clean out KOBO candle jars and store your makeup brushes, pencils, and liners inside!

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Wedding @ Turner Hill, Ipswich | Estefania & Groom

Couple: Estefania and Groom
Date: November 1, 2014
Venue: Mansion on Turner Hill, Ipswich, MA
Photographer: Stephanie Stevens


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Katrina’s Classic Contouring Tips

Contouring isn’t a new concept within the world of makeup. In fact, contouring was first used in the silver screen era, when photography first became widespread. Black and whites that exhibited a strong, glamorous movie contour look became incredibly popular, and today’s magazine and runway models still feature contouring as a key component of their look.

I always caution my clients that true film and photography contouring is not wearable on the street, due to its severity. However, by following my tips below, you can create a beautiful contour that can be worn to any special occasion. Ask me to pick out the perfect contouring color for your skin tone next time you’re in my studio!

Step #1: Assemble your brushes

  1. Kevyn Aucoin Fan Brush, $60 – Use to create cheekbone highlights and forehead highlights
  2. KevynAucoinFanBrush

  3. Ambient Lighting Powder Brush, $35 – Use to highlight nose and cheeks
  4. AmbientLightingPowderBrush

  5. Kevyn Aucoin Super Soft Buff Powder Brush, $60 – Use for jawline and all the way to the ear to make neck appear narrower
  6. KevynAucoinPowerBrush

  7. #21 Nars Contour Brush, $42 – angled perfectly for sculpting cheekbones
  8. Nars21ContourBrush

  9. #41 Nars Diffusing Brush, $32 – for contouring the nose and eyelids


Step #2: Identify where to contour
Pull your hair back from your face, stand in front of a well-lit mirror, and angle your head down slightly. You’ll see a slight contour indent in the middle of each cheek. Contouring is for any recessed area of the face, and works wonderfully for eyes, cheeks, and the nose.

Step #3: Apply your contouring color
Don’t go all the way to your hairline when contouring your cheeks. Start just before the hairline, and apply color until you reach a spot on your cheek in line with the middle of your eye. And, when contouring your neck, apply color under the jawline, not ON the jawline. Start behind the hairline for your neckline.

Have fun creating your hot runway look!

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Katrina Hess’s Fall 2014 Beauty Basics For The Professional: Brows and Makeup

Creating wedding looks for Boston brides is a large part of my day, but beautiful brows and makeup aren’t just for brides. Finding the right professional look for your workplace is just as important. I’ve put together a collection of brow and makeup tips for the professional woman to ensure you always put your best face forward in the office. If you have any trouble following the tips below, consider a lesson at my Newbury Street studio!


1. BROWS: Start with the basics
Well-groomed brows are an essential part of any professional look. Whether you’re more of a natural girl or prefer a glam look, shapely brows complete any weekday or weekend look. I suggest having a trained professional shape your brows and teach you how to maintain them in between salon visits to ensure you always put your best, sophisticated face forward.

2. MAKEUP: How to create a meeting-ready look in 10 minutes or less
1. Start by hydrating your skin with a very lightweight moisturizer.
2. Apply a tinted moisturizer or lightweight foundation starting at the center of your face, working towards the edges. Blend foundation edges with a large brush to avoid lines.
3. Lightly apply concealer to the inner corners of your eyes to instantly look well-rested.
4. Brush a light-colored brow pencil or clear gel across your brows.
5. Apply a light-colored bronzer to the flat portions of your face to add depth and warmth.
6. Finish your face by applying a warm-colored blush to the apple of each cheek.
7. For work-appropriate eyes, apply a nude eye shadow over the entire lid.
8. Define your eyes with a natural brown or black liner, keeping the color very close to the inner lid.
9. Curl lashes twice and apply two coats of mascara.
10. Dab on your favorite matte lip color, and grab your laptop—you’re meeting ready!


3. AFTER WORK: Quick Cocktail Hour Fixes
1. Transform your workday look into a weekend look by layering on additional eyeliner.
2. Apply a sultry matte or shimmering eye color on your lids to transition smoothly from afternoon to evening.
3. Deepen and shine up your lips with your favorite lipstick or gloss.
4. Erase dark circles instantly by applying an eye brightener to the entire under-eye area.
5. Dust pressed powder across your t-zone to ensure the only thing shining tonight is your smile—not your face.


  • Add color to your face that complements what your wearing in a subtle way. Light pink, peach, silver, and gold make for a great base for your skin. Cover by applying a neutral tone on top.
  • Try using a sheer, light, natural color in the morning, and then switching your look after lunch with a matte medium-tone for your afternoon meetings.
  • To really leave a lasting impression, try adding a pop of color to your lower lash line with a light brown, grey or deep navy liner.
    Q: Should I try out new trends with my work makeup?
    A: Generally, unless you work at a creative or generally young and trendy workplace, it’s better to err on the side of “tried and true” rather than “wild and new” for weekday makeup.

    Q: What’s the most suitable look for the office?
    A: I typically suggest a nude eye shadow with well-defined liner, lightly blushed cheeks, and a matte pink lip gloss for the workplace. You’ll look polished and feminine, but not overly done up.

    Q: I never wear lipstick, but I think I should probably start. What’s the best color for me?
    A: You really can’t go wrong with a variation of pink. Start out sheer if you’re worried about applying properly the first time. Remember, you can always wipe it off if you mess up!

    Q: I find my eye makeup bleeds by the middle of the day. What should I do?
    A: This happens to almost every woman during the course of the workday. Keep disposable makeup wipes in your desk and dab around your eyes post-lunch to quickly and gently wipe away any smears.

    Q: I always break out when I try foundation. Any suggestions?
    A: Try to find a non-comedogenic foundation, which means it won’t clog pores. Easy-to-apply tinted moisturizers and BB creams are becoming commonplace in the workplace as well, meaning you can focus less on touching up during the day and more on your next big project.

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    Wedding @ Boston Harbor Hotel | Elise & Kevin

    Couple: Elise and Kevin
    Date: October 18, 2014
    Venue: Boston Harbor Hotel
    Photographer: Person + Killian
    Gown: Vera Wang



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    Wedding @ Chatham Bars Inn, Cape Cod | Hannah & Andrew

    Couple: Hannah and Andrew
    Date: October 11, 2014
    Venue: Chatham Bars Inn, Cape Cod
    Photographer: Eric Barry
    Event Planner: Jamie Bohlin
    Gown: Monique Lhuillier

    Photos to come!

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    Lashes I Love: Looks for Fall 2014

    Creating luscious-looking lashes can be tricky. Here are a few of my favorite tips for perfecting a look you’ll love on your wedding day (or any day, really!).

    1) Use a brand-new tube of waterproof mascara in either brown or black (depending on your skin tone). I prefer Kevyn Aucoin’s The Volume Mascara in Ritch Pitch Black ($28). It’s a great tube mascara that doesn’t smear, but still comes out with water. I love the size of the brush because it’s fantastic for volume and lash separation.


    2) Curl your lashes using an eyelash curler. One of my favorites is Kevyn Aucoin’s Beauty Eye Lash Curler ($21). Start at the roots and hold for ten seconds. Then, move the curler halfway up and curl for another ten seconds.

    KevynAucoinEyelash Curler

    3) Work the mascara deep into the roots of your lashes, and comb through using a metal lash comb. Apply 2-3 coats of mascara for the most volume.

    Lash Comb

    4) Apply a few false lashes at the outer corner of your eyes for extra effect.


    5) For extra definition, apply Hourglass Mechanical Gel Liner in Obsidian ($16). This easy-to-apply eyeliner offers absolute precision for the perfect fall look.

    Hourglass Gel Liner

    6) Step back and smile. Your eyes should look amazing!

    EXPERT TIP: For a more natural, smoky eye look for fall brides, use dark brown mascara and dark brown lashes on the outer corners of your eye.

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    Wedding @ Private Residence | Alexandra & Jay

    Couple: Alexandra and Jay
    Date: October 4, 2014
    Venue: Private Residence
    Photographer: Gigi De Mano
    Videographer: AfterImage Productions
    Event Planner: Elizabeth Allen Events
    Gown: Vera Wang

    Photos to come!

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    Fall Makeup Looks 2014

    It’s time to welcome in a new season with fresh fall colors and a sultry post-summer look. I’ve picked out my favorite fall eye colors, lip shades, and foundations to help my clients craft a look suitable for this colorful, cozy season.

    Fall foundations bring a fresh, even skin tone all over. I recommend using Kevyn Aucoin’s The Sensual Skin Fluid Foundation, available in 8 shades, for just $65. Its weightless, serum-like formula has an amazing “no makeup” feel. It provides long-wear coverage for 6-8 hours, and glides on to provide smooth looking skin.

    Best of all, it’s oil-free, water-free, powder-free, paraben-free, and nano-ingredient free. So all this luscious, ultra-lightweight serum foundation is doing is providing luminous, anti-aging coverage—not clogging your skin.

    Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Fluid Foundation

    Fall is a great time to go smoky and bold when it comes to your eyes. For gals on the go, NARS offers a fabulous travel set trio for $59.00: the NARSissist Smokey Eye Compact. Three gorgeous, easy-to-wear colors seem to suit everyone and pair perfectly with Dior’s new Fall Look Collection mascara.

    Narsissist Smokey Eye

    I also adore Kevyn Aucoin’s Eyeshadow Duo Color Extension ($42). It’s two eye shadows in one gold compact. Cool Tan and Ruddy Earth make a beautiful fall pairing. The silky powder formula features two shades of pigments that glide on smoothly and effortlessly. It’s just so easy to blend and is perfect for the season!

    Kevyn Aucoin Eye Shadow Duo2

    As we know, Dior has always been great when it comes to lashes. And now, Dior does it again! Dior’s new Instant Oversize Volume Mascara in Brown Extase ($28.50) is one of my favorites and makes your lashes look fabulous. It can be hard to find a good brown mascara, but this gem is a true rich chocolate brown that makes for a natural work look or smoky eye.

    Dior Instant Oversize Volume Mascara

    Finally, to finish your fall eye look off with a bang, apply Hourglass Mechanical Gel Liner in Obsidian ($16). This liner creates a dramatic look that is effortless to apply. The Gel Liner is ultra-thin, waterproof, and applies like a dream without pulling the skin or bleeding. It’s the perfect product to create a tight lash line or a sultry, thick, smooth line for nights out on the town.

    Hourglass Gel Liner


    If you pick only one new lip colors to toss in your bag, pick this one. If you’re not a lipstick girl, try Kevyn Aucoin’s The Lip Gloss in Bloodroses ($30). Bloodroses, as everyone knows, is such an iconic part of Kevyn’s line for a classic vampy lip. Perfect for girls that don’t want lipstick but prefer gloss, the color is now part of The Lip Gloss collection. With a formula that is not sticky but still conditioning, this gloss is sheer enough that it works with all skin tones, day or night.

    Dior Instant Oversize Volume Mascara

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