Skin Owl Mangosteen Oil Collection

Skin Owl Mangosteen Oil Collection
Introducing one of our newest products, one that we absolutely love here at Katrina Hess, the Skin Owl Mangosteen oil collection! These organic oils are good for men, women and children, even babies and little ones for dryness and irritated skin all year long. They are great for healthy scalp and nails or use the oil under foundation for that glowy look.MangosteenFull

SkinOwl is making a name for itself in the green community as a leading beauty brand offering not only effective skincare, but also focusing on self care. Los Angeles Makeup Artist, Annie Tevelinis, the Creator & Founder of the line and she wanted to create a skincare collection that not only used cultivated ingredients, but also a line that is accessible to all.

Mangosteen contains several skin healing components including anti-inflammatory polyohenols, known as Xanthones. Xanthones and their derivatives have been shown to have several benefits, most prominently that of antiinflammatory. These antioxidants contain healing properties, which heal cells damaged by free radicals, slow down aging and ward off degenerative diseases and physical and mental deterioration.

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Katrina Hess’s Go To For Red Carpet Skin

Kinara Skin Care Products

Winter time is one of the hardest seasons on our skin, no matter what kind you have, dry, oily, etc. One of my favorite products for skin that helps you go from snuggled on the coach to red carpet ready in no time is Kinara Skin Care. Meaning “on the edge” in Hindi, Kinara was founded to bring exactly what you need: change. They have remastered the average skin care regimen with the most powerful ingredients and innovative techniques to help you look your best. You will find the effects almost immediate and on-going. Be ready to love the way you look and feel!

For more information on this product and all of the products Katrina Hess has to offer, click here.
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Special Gift Idea For Valentine’s Day In Boston

Ames Boston Hotel - XO Package

Ames Boston Hotel is offering a special package for Valentine’s Day that has been featured on, which boasts over 36 million viewers per month.

Their XO package features various items including a professional make-up application for the lady, and a night stay for two at one of Katrina’s favorite hotels!

Learn more >


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“The Beauty Booster” by Boston Magazine

Problem skin, sparse brows, and lackluster lips are no match for Katrina Hess, who helps every bride look positively radiant.


Photography by Trevor Reid

On your wedding day, all eyes (and camera lenses) will be trained on you. It’s sought-after makeup pro Katrina Hess’s job to make sure you look flawless from every angle. “It’s the day a woman shines,” says Hess, who’s been dolling up brides for 20 years. But it doesn’t all happen in one appointment. Hess likes to see clients for two consultations in her Newbury Street studio to advise them on a skin-care regimen and get a sense of their individual style before the walk down the aisle (she’s even Skyped with brides who were abroad). In other words, she’s the person you want in your corner when the flashes start popping.

What happens after a bride books you for her wedding?
I offer two consultations in my wedding package. I do the first pretty quickly, but wait until closer to the wedding day for the second one, to see if there are any skin-care changes, and to incorporate seasonal palettes.

So what do you address in the first consultation?
Most women aren’t using enough skin-care products, or they’re not using the right ones. My clients generally have good skin, but those who have troubled skin need to consult with a dermatologist. The two key elements in a skin-care regimen are a cleanser that’s not dehydrating, and a product with lactic acid that purifies and shrinks the pores, while also moisturizing the skin.

Once you find a regimen that works for you, you have to maintain it—six months to one year from the wedding, depending on the severity of the skin issues. But what’s really important for skin six months out is the sun: Tan lines can last for a year, and in my opinion that’s the most unappealing look. They just don’t do anything for a $20,000 Carolina Herrera gown.

Do brides normally know what look they want before meeting with you?
It’s 50/50. Some women are really specific and know exactly what they want. Others wear makeup, but aren’t sure what would look best on them—they’re more dependent on me. I’ve had a few girls who want a Kardashian look, but they don’t realize how much makeup is actually on. So once I do the consultation they realize it’s too heavy.

How do the seasons affect wedding makeup?
Color is seasonal. Summer weddings often call for a fresh, tan, beachy look; in the fall we’re getting more women who want a big, smoky plum eye. The venue, time of day, and season play a large role. I wouldn’t do a heavy, matte-charcoal, smoky look for a Chatham Bars Inn wedding in the middle of July.

Is it okay to try makeup trends on the big day?
The red-carpet look is great for the rehearsal dinner. That’s the night you step out with a hot pink or deep red lip. That said, you certainly want to add some glamour to the wedding night as well. My approach is to have a more-natural, nude look for the ceremony, which is often outdoors, and then after twilight, switch over to a deeper, brighter, glossier lip. It really changes your look in photographs. You can get freshened up, have a cocktail, and return to the reception, and that’s when you let your hair down and party.

What makeup looks are on the horizon?
The trend for spring is a really romantic look—tiaras and hair accessories are back. My approach is going to be very soft, subtle, and smoky. Red is the color for spring and summer lips—like you just ate a cherry popsicle. It makes the cheeks look whiter and the smile brighter.

Which parts of the face should a bride play up for photos?
Generally, it’s the eyes and lips. In New England, my clients often don’t wear lipstick every day; they just wear ChapStick. I like to get them on a regimen of exfoliating the lips. The lips are one of the most dehydrated areas of the body, and dry, cracked lips are more unappealing than tan lines. So I start them with oils and scrubs. The lip changes the whole look.

As far as eyes go, extended lashes are too damaging to the actual lashes. I’ve been experimenting with velour mink lashes, which are completely organic. They’re lightweight and lush. I fill in lashes with those, whether a bride is going for a nude eye or smoky eye. Mascara can look clumpy in photos.

Do you ever see grooms for consultations?
On rare occasions, I’ve seen men for eyebrow shaping and skin care—maybe a little day-of brow shaping, sometimes a little bronzer. But I always have brides who say, “I wish I could get my fiancé in here.”

What should a bride carry in her clutch for the reception?
Generally, just blotting papers and evening lip color. Only minimal touchups are necessary—maybe a pressed powder depending on humidity.

Thank you to Boston Magazine! To view the full article, click here.


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Wedding @ Four Seasons Boston Kristen & Chris

Couple: Kristen & Chris

Date: January 3, 2015

Venue: Four Seasons Boston

Photographer: John Chiplace

Hair Stylist: Priscilla Collins

Gown: Monique Lhuillier

Photos to come!

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Holiday Gift Guide 2014: Kevin Aucoin’s The Holiday Look Book, Limited Edition

If you’re struggling for the perfect gift for friends or family, ladies, look no further. Kevin Aucoin’s The Holiday Look Book, Limited Edition is one of my personal favorites and is guaranteed to make a big impression this Christmas and holiday season.


The Holiday Look Book all-in-one kit contains four iconic powder eye shadows, two lip colors, and two powder cheek colors that make creating Kevyn Aucoin’s Iconic Look from the best-selling book “Making Faces” simple. Detailed instructions make it easy to create one of the legendary makeup artist’s famous looks.


I love this kit because it contains nude colors perfect for a natural or glamorous winter look. Hint of Peach, Sugared Peach, Faded Heather, and Iced Plum ensure your eyes will be smoldering at any holiday function. Sport a rosy winter blush day or night with Creamy Glow cheek color in Nuelle and Bloodroses.


Finally, ensure your lips are mistletoe-ready with two of Kevyn Aucoin’s most luxurious,luscious lip colors in Dahliana and Papavier. This versatile palette works on any skin type, and can be worn to work or out on a weekend night. The easy-to-follow instructions make this a suitable gift for everyone from makeup beginners through advanced makeup pros.


The thin design of the look book is perfect for travel, and easily slips into a narrow handbag. But the very best part? Kevyn Aucoin’s amazing all-in-one limited edition Holiday Look Book is available for just $45.00. If I’m seeing you between now and the holidays in my Boston Newbury Street makeup studio, make sure to ask me about this fabulous find!

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Wedding @ Hyatt, Boston Harbor | Lara & Joseph

Couple: Lara and Joseph
Date: December 20, 2014
Venue: Hyatt, Boston Harbor
Photographer: Brittany Blando, BKB Photography
Gown: Paloma Blanca

Photos to come!

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Wedding @ Chestnut Hill, MA | Christina & Field

Couple: Christina and Field
Date: December 13, 2014
Venue: Chestnut Hill, MA

Photos to come!

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Fall Weddings in Boston | Elise & Kevin at the Boston Harbor Hotel

I love weddings in Boston in the fall–and particularly ones held at the elegant Boston Harbor Hotel. Elise and Kevin chose October 18th to get married, and I was delighted to be selected to do the bride and bridal party’s makeup for Elise’s big day. Of course, I wasn’t surprised when Elise told me Person + Killian would be doing her photography; just look at the beautiful photos below.

The wedding began with a full mass at St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Charlestown, MA. After the ceremony, formal photos were taken in the Boston Public Garden, which was the perfect location to show off Elise’s gorgeous dress, makeup, and the fabulous fall weather. The celebration continued with cocktails and dinner and dancing at the Boston Harbor Hotel late into the night.

WeddingFallRecentKatrinaHess 2

Elise and her family did such a great job creating the ivory and yellow centerpieces with vines and candles, and their wedding cake featuring two furry canine friends on top was adorable while still being elegant. Congratulations again, Elise and Kevin!


We’re moving into winter now, so the fall wedding season has come to a close at last. However, there are plenty of stunning wedding looks just perfect for these sparkling winter months. Make sure to ask me about my latest 2014 Winter Pocket Makeup Guide next time you’re in for an appointment at my Katrina Hess Newbury Street Makeup Studio here in Boston.

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The Holiday Season Is Here, and KOBO Candles Make The Perfect Gift

I never thought I’d be in the candle business. But I’ve gotten so many compliments from my clients on the candles that I burn in my studio that I wanted to write a blog about KOBO Candles.

The holidays are almost here, and along with the turkey and stuffing and Christmas trees comes the need for the perfect present. KOBO Candles, available in 50 dazzling scents, are perfect for bridal party gifts or holiday gift-giving. Made in upstate New York, these candles burn for 60 hours and are smoke-free and burn clean, so you don’t have to worry about fire alarms going off in your home.

Kobo Candles Mango

KOBO Candles are made of 100% pure domestically grown, sustainable soybeans. There are nine luxurious collections available featuring candles ranging in price from $28.00 to $45.00, each beautifully wrapped. My favorite is a sexy scent from KOBO’s Woodblock collection called Modena Leather featuring… you guessed it, leather. Vetiver and Shaved Vanilla from the Coterie collection is a close second, with hints of amber and gorgeous black and white packaging.

Kobo Candles

I decided to make the line available in my Boston Katrina Hess Makeup Studio, so next time you’re in, stock up!

EXPERT TIP: Looking for a container to store your makeup? Clean out KOBO candle jars and store your makeup brushes, pencils, and liners inside!

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